some slot greetings to you and the slotters from good old Germany ! I join very often yr web page and take a lot of
information about building a wood track. After some tests I build the first two parts of a modular two line race track.
Problem for me is that I live in a small flat were I have not really space available for a permanent race way. So I
decided to build a modular track that can be build up part by part. First to parts are ready now and I like to present to
you my first track. Advantage of that track is, that I can add some more parts an during not using the track I can put it
away and it does not take much space than. Buildings you can see are made from paper and are fixed on a small
wood piece so that I can pick them up easy. At the moment I´m workling to build a pit with the may know Carrera
buildings (white one). Thanks for all the very helpful information from your page and the links and the photos from
round the world.
I´m a member of the "Slotkeller" that means in English slotcellar were we are located and have our 4 line wood track.
Also we have a so called garden track for outdoor use - that is a 6 line Carrera track. At the momenr we use that
track as second race way but normally we use it outside; for example at a meeting of slot guy´s at the famous german
race track Nürburgring ! You can find much more information about us and my first track on our homepage . Sorry - it is a German web site but think you can have a look on what we are doing. We also
prepare our cars very special an run 1:32 and 1:24 in our group.
Please contact Alexander with any questions or comments