Hello , because of your site i made by my own wooden track.
It is the first time but i'm proud of it.I made it from 12mm mdf and a 3mm frees for the
slot's. I spend now a bout 5 month on it. It was a lot of work, also i made my own website
http://www.obergonring.nl . because the attic that's not that high i can't make pictures of
the whole track. Now is the time to work on the scenery
Please contact Arnaud with any comments or questions
hello, here i send some new pictuers from my track OBERGONRING.last weekend i
finiched the copertape and make my first rounds on it. thank you for the insparation from
your site, it wil be a great help for me to make now the senery and make a great
slottrack.greetings arnaud from holland.