Brian from Montreal here, I am almost finish my next track, the first one using your method of lexan
strip. The next one will follow your instructions properly instead of trying to take short cuts and not
putting holes in lexan every couple of inches but going 6 to 8 inches between, causing router to
ride under and making lots of mistakes.
    This track is sitting on a table 15.5ft X 5.5ft lap length of 51ft The last 4ft of track lift up against
wall to give access to room. The rest of table sits on a old scaffold and can be rolled out from back
wall if needed. The next part of this project will be able to interchange last 4 ft with a new
configuration to make the 2 lanes become 1 lane of 204 ft using a reverse loop and a two car AC
system as in Jimmy Attard Northline Raceway.

Thanks  Brian

If anyone would like to see more Pic. follow link

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