Hi Luf,
a whole year is gone since you have encouraged us to extend our 2-lane routed track to 4 lanes. Last
summer we were ready to race. After winter (we cannot race with temperatures under 10 degrees
because the track is in the yard only with a simple roof above) we started again last weekend.
Everything is still working fine! And we did not forget you and like to show you want we´ve done.
The basis was a 2-lane 30 m long track routed in 16mm Mdf, the distance between the lanes was 10 cm
over the whole track. Then my two sons and me got three racing-partners. In winter 2003/2004 we
decided to extend our beloved track to 4 lanes. But the construction under the table and the space
reserved for racing could not grow. So we routed the two new lanes between and beside the exitsting
two. The many fantastic pictures on your site gave very good examples. But still we had some new and
original ideas. The most important thing when looking at the scenery is that it should not end at the end
of the table.  The long straight and the large curved corner are rests of an old superspeedway (like the
AVUS in Berlin). The highwaybridge developed while drawing the plan 1:1 on the table. That meant two
more weeks of planning the size, the up an down track! But it was time well spent. Now there are many
lanes crossing each other, only about 50 per cent of each lane gives you the opportunity to overtake
one or the other racer. Just behind the start the track branches off to the left and over a circle. Up to
the bridge none of the lanes can be overtaken. The bridge is about 3.5 m long, one lane goes outside
around the ropes. Way up all lanes cross each other. Through the old pit lane of AVUS the lanes go
into the large corner, which is banked up to 20 degrees. The corner we built as an extention of the
former 2-lane track. It took a great effort to glue an screw up to five thin sheets of Mdf on to 25
individually shaped supports. From your site we now know a better method to do this but it works quite
well. Shortly after passing under the bridge there comes a terrible chicane. The electric switched pit
lane entry does not work yet - it is a rest of the old track. And through a fast corner you come back to
the starting grid again. We use an old personal computer with a freeware racing software (Slotman
6.0.8). Infrared sensors in the slots are working very well. You can imagine that racing now doesn´t
need only well prepared cars but a lot of attention and discipline on what is happening around you on
the track. And each lane is completely different. The next project - a small track for the livingroom of a
friend 1,1 X 3,9 meter, 2 lanes with the possibility to join into one - is nearly finished.
Please contact the Braun family with any questions or comments