The Bullring is finished, and it's a blast...but it won't look right until we get some sprint cars.
The Carrera Nascars don't look too bad on it and are quite fast and smooth...their lack of
brakes really smoothes out the laps. The most fun cars right now are box stock Fly Chevrons,
a little slower than the Carrera cars, but they slide through the corners better.

This track is 48"x96", 3 lanes, and each lane is about 44 ft long
A couple of video clips to show how it works. I'm driving the red car and the other two cars
are hooked up to a train transformer and just cruising at a set speed.
This shows the red car doing
one "lap"...2.33mb
This clip shows
a bunch of laps and some close passes...15mb

I'll get some better video once we start racing
This is one way to start a race...the blue car is on the inside lane, the white car in the middle
lane and the yellow car on the outside.
You could also put the white and yellow cars directly behind the blue car...the faster driver
would need to be in front, of course
After a few laps, cars can end up like this, making things more interesting for the white car
when the tracks cross