Having already built a small 1-lane rally track and a rather large 4-
lane road layout for me, I could not stop there and I had to do one  
more. This one is destined to my godfather, who is a big fan of all  
kinds of racing. We always have a lot of fun when he comes slot  
racing with me. He doesn't have much space for a track of his own but  
I think he can manage a 3x8 board. So, that's what I built for him  
for Christmas and it'll be a surprise!!

The following track was built in 15 hours, 7 of those used for the  
routing of the slots and the remaining 8 hours for the painting,  
taping and landscaping. All that's left to do is to make the  
electrical connections underneath the table (an hour will be enough  
for that). It is possible to build a track like this in a weekend...  
I just did it!

My father helped me with the routing part and he planted some of the  

All the other pictures are here.

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