My Track is CNC routed.I have done it myself on a milling machine on which i normaly work in my company.
It is a milling machine for metal parts,so the driving space from the machine and the maximum Spindle Speed is much
lower than on machines built for milling wood.
If i would built a new track i would try to built it with a flexible Strip and a handrouter.

What you see on the pictures is the 3rd version of the track.I had to rebuilt it 2 times because because of poor
electrical connection from the rails to the pickup shoes of my cars.

The first try was with copper tape.It only had good electrical connection then i soldered braid to the pickup shoes,but
this caused new problems on the tiny H0 Slotcars.
After some weeks of experimenting i was frustrated,and then i decided to glue desoldering braid on the track instead
of copper tape.Someone told me then would be much better electrical connection and no need to solder braid to the
pickup shoes.
After 25hours of work i had the track working with the desoldering braid(It took a lot of time to remove the glue which
was all over track beside the braid).
But i was also not satisfied..the braid was very high for H0 Slotcars...electrical connection was better than before,but
not really satisfying..

So made i third attempt...I tried something which I had never seen before on a Track...I orderd Aluminum wire(2mm in
diameter) which is used for keeping cows in a field..
It was very cheap only 25Euro`s for 400m of wire.
I routed 2mm slots for the wire(1,7-1,8mm deep).
Then i pressed the wire in the before made slots with an empty glass bottle.
I routed the slots for the wire before the wire arrived,as the wire arrived it was thicker as i thought(2,08mm) and much
harder as the piece of aluminum wire i bought at the building market.
So i needed relativly much force to press the wire in the slots,and after that the wire stood out higher as i thought.
So i decided to grind the wire till it stood out of the surface 02-03mm.
The grinding went better as i thought before,i was afraid to hurt the surface,but i did hurt it in fact only on some places.

Next thing i was afraid was that the electrical connection to the pickup shoes will be maybe again bad, because i
thought possibly H0 tracks only work well then the pickup shoes pickup the electricity from a small point.

At thirst i had then really again connection problems,but after some days i had the idea to put tinfoil(Aluminumfoil ?)
around the pickup shoes.
I fold the foil to a band that is 8 foilpieces thick and around(depends on pickup shoe) 1cm high.
I wind the band around the pickup shoe 2or 3 times and fix it on the upper side of the pickup shoe with a drop of
super glue.After that modification the electrical connection is good.
Please contact Christoph with any questions or comments