I'm Ian from Lincoln, England this is my first attempt at a wooden track. “Hawaiian Tropic

Prior to this I have never touched a router, plaster, or any thing else modelling so it was a bit
of a test track I have always enjoyed the hill climb and rally tracks I have seen on your site
and wanted a combination of the two.  

I have been building it with the help of 12 year old son as a joint project, we already have a
digital plastic track and I considered combining that into this one, but we will save that for the
next one.

The track is made of 12mm MDF which had to be cut into small sections as it is located in my
loft and we only have a small access hole to get it up there. The slots are 6mm deep, 3.2 mm
wide and machined with my router I did draw the tack onto the MDF but the actual routing I did
freehand (which is a bit of a mistake).  

The surface of the track is then painted with a rubberised undercoat.

I was pleasantly impressed with the results the track is smooth and a lot quieter than the
plastic track we are used to running on.

Power is a scalex sport power base. The hills are made with a mixture of plaster and
polystyrene oh and the volcano is made of expanding insulation foam, painted with water-
based paints and covered with flock while the paint was still wet more flock is added as the
detail is enhanced and for that I spray the area with PVA glue sprinkle the flock, once dry
spray another coat of PVA this hardens and holds it all in place.

As you can see the track is still under construction but is beginning to take shape we have
some palm trees to make (Lots!)  And want to add some water in the form of a coastline and a
waterfall these things will take time to develop.

Each weekend as we added a bit it was photographed and posted on the Slot Forum
Please contact Ian with any comments or questions