Although I have worked on it for 20 years, Northline raceway has yet to be totally detailed. I'm glad to see that so
many others have designed and built tracks to recreate actual races rather than just platforms to zing around as fast
as magnets will allow.
I have attached some pictures from of my Northline Raceway.
In the first picture below, note that the pits had once faced away from the drivers. The whole pit enter and exits were
revised and the pits were turned around 180 deg. after the additional Laguna Seca Cork Screw turn was added.  
This was done to aid viewing the cars entering the pits.
On my 4 car track a driver can choose an outside or inside slot to go around the course. I designed the lane change
feature because I wanted to model a scale width track, yet allow cars to get by each other. The "Longbeach" hairpin
turn is where the option to change lanes occures. The middle lane splits the road and does not have lane changing
capabilities. It makes for much blocking and stratigizing to work your way up the field. No different than real racing.
This year I created a way to run two cars in one slot with separate controls for each.  I run the track on an old AC
train transformer and split the signal into separate DC signals for each car sharing the slot . Outside of the cost of an
old train transformer, the only added cost is the addition of a 20 cent diode to each car. We now can run 7 cars at a
time with the eighth car being an independently controlled pacecar that leads the field to the start. It's awsome to
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