Hi there my names matt and im from the united kingdom,  this is my 1st attempt at building a routed track and it
was built by me and my mate with help from our other 2 mates with the painting, we have just added the
blackboard paint and are going 2 paint white track edges and the kerbs on next followed by grass, barriers, sand
traps and any other scenery!, we have been running the track for about 4mths now before we started the painting
and it runs great all we use 2 power it are scaley sport powerbases 4 transformers and parma controllers we have
a lap counter which counts each lane via sensors in the slots and halogen bulbs in the start/finish gantry. The
track has about a 5meter start finish straight we have one squeeze section which we call the kidney im sure u will
find it!  
Please contact Matt with any questions or comments