I like my Ninco Pajero so much I decided to build a track for it. It will be a very rough dirt and gravel
two lane track that will give the suspension a good workout.
The base is a 4'x8' sheet of 1/2" MDF and the roadway is 1/8" grey Sintra, because I wanted to
the hell out of it. It's blocked up with whatever scraps of wood I could find around the shop.
This is where the cars turn off the paved road onto the dirt section. I'm trying the plaster to see how it
sticks to the Sintra. The inside (shorter) lane will be much rougher.
Pajero1,  Pajero2 and Pajero3 show how they handle rough terrain....the Support Truck works, too.
I ran out of copper tape, but did manage some test runs on half the track...more tomorrow!
More pictures...