This is a section of our Targa Florio track that we're going to add scenery to.
The routing is done first, then the roadway gets cut
out and mounted. Next is paint and then copper
tape. Now we're ready to start the scenery, Since
this is our version of the Targa Florio, we'll try and
make this look like the hill country in Sicily.

This is one of five 4'x8' track sections that make up
our Targa track. They store upright in my shop
when we're not racing.
We used 12" sections of 1/4" hardboard, because
we had some laying around. It gets screwed to the
side of our track section and a contour is drawn to
simulate hills.
The hardboard gets cut out with a jig saw
Now we staple aluminum fly screen to the top edge
of the hardboard and to the roadway. It gets
trimmed with a knife after stapling. We prefer
aluminum over plastic flyscreen because it holds it's
shape better.
Aren't you glad you saved all that styrofoam
packing material?
When you break it, the rough edges look just like
rock formations (to me, anyways)
We wanted a rockface to separate the track here,
so we break up random sized and shaped chunks of
styrofoam and use hot glue to stick them in place.
Once all the foam is in place, we lay some screen
across the top, again using hot glue
We found some 1/4" foam, so we decided to make
a retaining wall on this side. Cardboard would work
as well.
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