I really like your web site and have gotten a lot of good ideas for my track. This is the third
track I have routed, the first track I did was a three lane on a 4x8 sheet of mdf and the
routing was done free hand. With some sand paper and a little work it ran ok. The next
track was also a three lane but it was on two sheets of mdf laid end to end and I used a
straight edge and a guide that I made for my router. This track ran good and got used a
good bit. It was at this time I found your web site and bought your DVD on track building
and with that and the lexan strip I have built this six lane track with banked turns that
squeeze together. The action is always fast paced and plenty of it. I would like to have
lights, but the poles and wire are in the way. If any one has any suggestions on how to put
in lights I would like to hear from you. Really like your web site. Thanks for your help. Terry
from Virginia
Please contact Terry with any comments or questions