Here are pics of the newest Winnipeg track, now well run-in after a month's
thrashing.  I'll call it the RICK and DAVE track, formally known as
Manchester Park Raceway.  It's located in Rick's basement and was conceived
through six month's of thoughts (including viewing the Luf and Norm how-to
video) and practical running experiences on the other Winnipeg tracks.  With
Dave's woodworking talent (he's a professional carpenter) contributing in a
big way, the track became a reality in a short two weeks.  It's a 50 feet
plus four laner with a nice balance of slower twisties and speed with a
subtle corner squeeze thrown in at the top of the straightaway going
counter-clockwise.  The heavy duty base (doubling as storage area for the
wife!) provides a T-shaped area measuring 8 feet across the top and 16 feet
down the center.  It's got all the TrakMate electrical components (variable
voltage power source, controller boxes, timing hardware and software).
Notice that the controller stations are not mounted on the track but along
the perimeter walls on both sides to give clear, unobstructed sight lines
and a walkway area for all drivers.

Rick and Dave have some landscaping to finish with some interesting mural
ideas for the walls.  The manner of mounting the llight source (gantry?) for
the timing sensors is still being mulled over.

We've now built twelve tracks with one in planning stage (mine, and it'll be
a T-shaped one as well).  It never ends!
Please contact Dan with any comments or questions