it’s more than a year since I ordered your fabulous DVD on building a slot car track. (Thank you again for prompt
service and encouraging words!) But it took me some time ‘till I got a few half-days off from work and family to start
my first attempt.
I started with a tiny test-track which I made from a piece of left over 16 mm MDF I got from the local DIY-store for
free to try out different techniques and methods and to make my mistakes.
I tried different ways of drawing, compassing, routing (with lexan strip and radius arm). I tried different ways to
make the electrical connections. (The copper tape I used is conductive so there was no need to solder breaks
and joints.) One half of the track I painted once, the other half twice with intermediate sanding. Can’t see much
difference in traction. It took me ages to find out that ”latex paint” is water based acrylic paint in Germany – ”latex
paint” is a kind of indoor wall-paint in Germany.

I tried different fillers and found out that I don’t like that two-component stuff even if it is more effective, and that
routing carefully is much better then messing around with filler. But I also found out that the track is much more
forgiving to little mistakes in routing than I thought it would be.
The layout is clean and simple – a small figure 8, because I wanted a crossing. The size is just 1,20 x 0,40 meters.
Lap length is 2,53 meters (barely 100 inches – that’s why I call the track ”eight-one hundred” - winking). The
radius of the curves is 12,5 cm – quite tight. Distance to edge is 8 cm, what’s simple not enough.
Maybe one of the smallest tracks you’ve seen so far – but still fun to drive! (Or let’s better say ”to slide” – it’s more
like a skid pad.) Driving on wood indeed is much more fun than plastic!
It’s already proven to be a good test-track for new cars. Acceleration, braking, cornering, weight distribution,
I learned a lot and what’s even more important to me – I had a lot of fun building it.

Now I’m planning a ”real” racetrack. Since I have virtually no space at all, I’m going to build an autocross style
parking lot theme in 1,60 x 0,80 meters. Those are the dimensions of my desk at the home office. (Dear, I have to
work late tonight ….;-))
Attached you’ll find some pictures. I know it’s a very simple and small track and it can’t compare in any way with all
the fantastic tracks you’re showing on your webpage. But maybe you would like to publish is anyway just to
encourage people to start – it would be an honor to me.
Your webpage gave me so much confidence and courage and added a whole new dimension to my hobby! Thank
you a lot!
Please contact Wulf with any comments or questions