OUR CURRENT TRACK, the Targa Five...Pictures of one lap
NEW TRACKS, Jan 27...Steve in N.Dakota, Ian in N.Vancouver
NEW VIDEO, Jan 13...Perry's Christmas Party
I had problems with my web program, so didn't update for a while, but I did
build some new tracks...
Spacesaver 2, Outdoor Oval & Burnaby Grind
Oldslotracer tracks from the past...
Slot car related Stuff...
Upstairs Road Course
Downstairs Road Course
Hillclimb...on it's way to Brian in Ottawa
Tri-Oval...now owned by the PSSRA in Seattle
Spacesaver Track...now owned by Mike Tate
Targa Florio...now owned by Brian
Raid rally track
Rally track (a tutorial)
World Rally Track
"new" Targa track, now owned by Brett
Speedway (retired)
Our portable Indy track
Bullring, a dirt track oval, now owned by Mike
"New Downstairs" track (retired)
Our new
Portable track...now owned by Scott
New Upstairs track, now owned by Tim in Tacoma
Nurburgring...will be set up in Winnipeg soon...
SLOP track
Targa Burnaby...now owned by Don McClellan
How to build a track
Tape Laying Tools
Squeeze  videos
Video clips
Slotcar Fiction
Racer Ron's controller mods
TrackMate power supply and Drag Strip
A quick
scenery primer
Art prints for sale
Set-Up Block
Copper tape
How to bend MDF
Routing Tips
Iceman's Custom Decals
Gordo Bond's visit
CPR Proxy video
Rick's scenery accessories
Wood tracks from around the world...
Patrick from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Keith from Invercargill, New Zealand
Cliff from Queanbeyan, Australia
Cliff's oval, in Australia
Jan from Horning. Denmark
Jim in New England
Jostein near Oslo, Norway
Tigor in Indonesia
Mark in Colorado
Matthew in Ottawa
Craig's rally track in Sydney, Australia
Gary's rally track in Sydney, Australia
Gary's road course in Sydney, Australia
Yves Petit Lemans in Belgium
Ron and Al in Ontario
Brian in Montreal
Brent in Edmonton
Albert in Cataluna, Spain
Don in Vancouver
Phillipe in Belgium
Mike in Kerken, Germany
Bengt-Åke in Ystad, Sweden
Rick in Ohio
Dan in Calgary
Jack in N. Vancouver
Colleen in Mission, BC
Bryan in ?
Robert in Altona, Manitoba
Gilles in Cannes, France.
David in Oakville, Ontario
Matthieu in Ville d'Arvay, France
Christian in Quebec City
Peter in Mainz, Germany
Rick in Winnipeg
Colin in Burnham on Crouch, Essex, UK
Dean in Indiana
Jose in Mexico City
Brian in Vancouver
David in Melbourne, Australia
Darrell in Ohio
Tom in Denver, Colorado
Ian in Lincoln, England
Frank in Trondheim, Norway
Dan's Rally track in Winnipeg
Keith in Perth, Australia
Maxx in Germany
Kevin in Exeter, New Hampshire
Keith in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jonathan in Alacant, Spain
Cobus in Cape Town, South Africa
Roland in Sweden
Mederic in Paris, France
Jivco in Sofia, Bulgaria
Tork in Virginia
Alan in Bath, UK
Giovannini in Bologna, Italy
Hub in Holland
Willy in Leuven, Belgium
Johan in Belgium
Didier in France
Phillipe in France
Bertrand in Rouen, France
Stuart in Dallas, Texas
Tom in Calgary, Alberta
Rich in Vancouver
David in Mount Clemens, Michigan
Kevin in Pennsylvania
Michael in Westminster, Colorado
Christian in Quebec City (2nd track)
Andres in Sabadell, Spain
Myron in Oklahoma (2nd track)
Claudio in Bern, Switzerland
Terry in Virginia
Joe in north Texas
David in Mt Clemens, Michigan(2nd track
Christian in Quebec (3rd track)
Mederic in Paris (2nd track)
Syd in Perth, W. Australia
Hub in Holland (2nd track)
Miguel in Malaga, Spain
Fred in Kansas
Charles in Washington
Paul in Edmonton
Ralph in France
Andrew in Christchurch, England
Adriaan in Almere, Holland
Kata in Tokyo
Matthieu in Paris (2nd & 3rd tracks)
Gary in Leicester
Fred in Kansas
Lluis in Catalonia
Marcus in Innsbruck, Austria
Arnaud in Holland
Ron in Springfield, Oregon
Philippe in Belgium
Juergen in Stuttgart, Germany
Lubu in Spain
Wilhelm in Austria
Stephane in France
Sebastien in Chambery, France
Georges in Quebec
Klaus in Holstebro, Denmark
Dave in Mt Vernon, Ohio
Scott in Quakertown,Pennsylvania
Andrew in Christchurch, England
Rich in Pitt Meadows, BC (2nd track)
Dan in Winnipeg (2nd track)
Jordan in Brisbane, Australia
Michael in Lorrach, Germany
Gerald in Linz, Austria
Sebastian in Germany
Joe in Maine
Marcello in Italy
David in Haute Savoie, France
Albert in Catalonia
Albrecht in Gutersloh, Germany
Joe in Ocala, Florida
Roland in Sweden
Carsten in Hannover, Germany
Douglas in San Diego, California
Michael in Germany
Wulf in Germany
Paul in Fredericksburg, Texas
Matt in Long Island, NY
Felix in Vienna, Austria
Tigor's Hillclimb in Indonesia
Neil & John in Nottingham, England
Paul in Brisbane, Australia
Adam in Adelaide, Australia
Craig in New York
Javier in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Torben in Denmark
Rene in Washington State
Dan in Winnipeg, Canada
Martin & Johan in Helsingborg, Sweden
Jose in Portugal
Tigor's Rally track in Indonesia
Martin in Brisbane, Australia
Morten in Oslo, Norway
Jostein, near Oslo, Norway
Randy in Winnipeg
Miguel in Spain
Randy's second track in Winnipeg
Miguel's 3 laner, in Spain
Miguel's Hillclimb in Spain
Pelican Park in Eugene, Oregon
Steve's 3-laner in Fargo, N.Dakota
Juan's rally track in Spain
Paul in Texas
Wolfgang Vornam in Germany
Dick in Clinton, Connecticut
Rich in Madrid, Spain
Ron in Brampton, Ontario
Patrick's second track in Winnipeg
Charles in Madrid, Spain
Julian in Lake Charles, Louisiana
Larry in Springhill, Florida
Kym in Fremantle, Australia
Dave in the Shetland Isles
Holger in Büttelborn, Germany
Peter in the Netherlands
Dennis in the US
Doug in Winnipeg
Mark in Adelaide, Australia
Steve in Verona, Italy
Bernd in Alzey, Germany
Alan in South Africa
Dennis in Stockton, New York
JB Gayet in France
Felix in Vienna (his second track)
Alan in Zimbabwe
Rick in Ohio
Jeremy in Fayetteville, Nc
Cobus near Cape Town, South Africa
Dave in Ironwood, Michigan
Pedro in Spain
Gilles in Cannes, France
Lenny in Waterford, New York
Jordi in Tordera, Catalonia
Bryan in Detroit, Michigan
John in Bedford, England
Tom in Aachen, Germany
Christoph in Austria
Paul in Australia
Klaus in Winnipeg, Canada
Larry in Charles Town, West Virginia
Bruno in Paris, France
Keith in Maryland
Matt in the UK
Johan in Holland
Michael in Sacramento
Bouwe in Holland
Braun family in Neuss, Germany
Jim in Elgin, Illinois
Jimmy in Dearborn, Michigan
Myron and Betty in Oklahoma
Ernst-Peter in The Netherlands
Ralf in Germany
Alexander in Germany
Rob in Altona, Manitoba
Marek in Ontario
Antonio in Spain
Jan's second track in Denmark
Chris in Roseburg, Oregon
Matt in Holliston, Mass
Hayes in Alexandria, VA
Stefan in Germany
Brett in Port Moody, BC
Manuel in Portugal
Gunther in Belgium
Nils in Pennsylvania
Nicolas in Toulouse, France
Brian in Montreal
Gilberto in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dan in Calgary, Alberta
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Build your own Wood Slot
Car Track

Our VIDEO will walk you through the entire
ROUTING KIT will let you create the track
of your dreams
TAPING TOOL will take the drudgery out
of laying copper tape

We are now the Greater Vancouver Slot Car Club
We race at my place on the Targa Five every Friday night and
Mondays we alternate at Perry's, Don's , Roger's and my track
Luf's Targa Five, Perry's Rocket & Canyon, Don's Attic track and Roger's track