My name is Adriaan van der Hek. Inspired by all the great woorden tracks on your site
and the site from Chris Frost I've build a few racetracks in wood. HekTrack 3 was a track
on 2 boards of 9 mm thick and 1,22m x 80 cm. (4'x2,4'). That track was really cool. I used
simple pink wall paint for the surface. After softening my tyres with lamp oil that track was
realy fast. Then I really got the hang of it.

Then I designed HekTrack 4 (ht4.gif). The track consists of 3 boards of 122 cm x 90 cm
and one smaller one of 122 x 65 cm. The coolest feature is the fly over which took me
quite some time. I've spend 28 hrs building this one. Gray wall paint is used for the
surface. The slot is 3 mm wide.
Please contact Adriaan with any comments or questions