Andrew from Christchurch, England here. Hope you are well - still enjoying the
website.....which has inspired me to produce the following - could it be added to the list of

One weekend, with little else to do, I built a small table top track for my children's school
fair - to help raise a bit of money for new school equipment. I had planned in my mind a
simple track upon which a simple game of Slot car pursuit or chase could take place.
Wood purchased on the Saturday, I set about marking out, routing and copper taping the
track and by Sunday evening the track surface was complete to test - and after a little
soldering it worked!!!
Legs were made during the week to complete the table and with the help of my children
some simple scenery was complete. And here is the results - a lot of fun (and not as easy
as it looks when you are being hunted down by another slot racer!) and hopefully will be
helpful in raising money for the school.
Please contact Andrew with any comments or questions