How are you since the last time?

I had posted you my first wooden track few ago...
Since I've got a new appartment, no more enough space to put my old
track, so I thank to made a new one which is easy to take apart and to
hide behind  the sofa. Really cool to get a 3 lanes (16meters) in my
living room to race with friends!, My wife is happier too with that kind
of tracks :)) when she comes back home, everything disappears after
10min with that first version ah ah !

In order to pratice 2min, to set the cars, I have made another track: a
single lane. I hide it under my sofa! LOL Only one minute to put it
alright, it takes more time to start the computer :))

And my last production for a friend, a 2 lanes about 19 meters, need
only 2 minutes to assembling it and connect it to the computer! 120*360cm²

I hope you'll appreciate its!
For those about to Slot, I salute you!

See you!

Aubry from Evry - France
Please contact Aubry with any comments or questions