I am Bertrand from Rouen in FRANCE , I'm 42 years old and I discover the slot in february
2006 with the french magazine SlotBUZZ.  www.slotbuzz.com

Your famous site give me the idea to make my own wood track and I do it in march 2006.

It is make on a wooden plate  of 1m25  X 2m50 and 16 mm thick. The slots are 3 mm wide
and 6 mm deep and the distance between the two slots are 80 mm.
The timer and the two counters are made with 3 podometers. The contact are made with
ILS fixed under the slot, the magnet of the car close the ILS contact.
The Firestone bridge is made with a real tyre I have cut.

The next step is to install a computer Lap Timer with a Personal Computer.

I go in a club near Rouen: ACR 276
Please contact Bertrand with any comments or questions