Hill climbs are a very popular form of racing in Europe. Pikes Peak is America's most
famous event but there others. It simply involves cars running up the hill from start to
finish, top to bottom, in a timed run. Shelsley Walsh in England is another famous event
and one of the longest contiuously running races in motorsport.

This track was really the result of a small basement and the fact that no one else in my
family is interested in slot cars. I had a 30' long Scalextric set but its footprint was too big
and I really wanted to go routed for the smoothness and ability to create a course that I

The track is 47' long with reversing loops at either end and is made of 3/8" routed MDF,
hydrocal rock faces and plaster bandage fields. The base is 22" off the ground and the
peak loop is 28" higher than the start. The climb record is held by an NSR Porsche 917
and is 5.78 seconds.

Timing is a Slot Dragon modified for routed tracks. This system includes a Christmas tree
count-down which, although not authentic to hill climb racing, adds to the challenge.
Please contact Bruce with any comments or questions