I took some time during the last holiday break to build my first wooden track. I already have a
Scaley Classic 4-lane track with scenery (Circuit du Grand Rocher,
http://cgingras.com/selectracingclub/images/final/) but for the last 4 years, I wanted a small rally
track where I could run my rally cars like the real ones (single lane, against the clock). My "dream"
has now come true.

Photos of the building phase and of the final result are here:

As I'm (a lot) less than skilled at craftmanship, my dad helped me with the routing part (he also has
a garage with all the equipment to take care of the dust). I then got back home with all the parts
and got to work (table building, wiring, scenery, etc.)

It's a really small track (10 x 2.5) but with all the space that is already occupied by my large track,
that's all I could afford.

The copper tape part was the hardest for me. This was my first time and I learned a lot. There are
a lot of solder patches on the track to correct mistakes I made laying the tape down. It's not always
pretty but it's functional and I will get to lay some new tape on the track in the next few months.

I wanted to try on this small track to see if I could tear down my large plastic track and replace it
with wood. As my rally track is not large enough, it's difficult for me to make this decision. I will
have to race on a "real" wooden track to know for sure which way I'm going to go.
Please contact Christian with any comments or questions