My first 1-lane rally track is listed here and also the small 3'x8' 2-
lane track I did for my uncle. I didn't realize that my larger 4-lane  
track was not on your site yet. So here are some pictures. Other  
pictures are here:

The track was done using 6 sheets of 3/8" MDF, and has a dimension  
8'x 20'. Lane length is around 75 feet. Lap times are between 7.5 and  
10 seconds, depending on the cars and the voltage used. Lap timing is  
done using Trakmate hardware and software. I have 6 driver stations  
around the table and the 4 lanes are assigned to any of the driver  
stations from the control center. Variable brakes are wired in to  
each station, along with a kill switch.

Starting from a plastic Scalextric track with all the wiring already  
done, I was able to go from nothing to a finished and landscaped  
track in about 3 weeks of work, around 90 hours total.

The track surface is latex paint, with some magnetic powder mixed in.  
This gave the surface a rather rough finish, a little like fine  
sandpaper. The copper tape was a pain to put down on the track and  
some cars had trouble going through the corners without hopping a  
bit. Since then, I used a razor blade to «shave» the track. The  
finish is now much smoother and I can use almost any car on the track  
without any hopping in the corners. But still, I don't have to use  
silicone tires to get some grip. The original rubber tires do a great  
job on the track as is.

Because we mainly do sprint crash'n'burn races (6 or 7 laps) that are  
really tight all the way, there are no squeeze corners. The 4 lanes  
are equal in length AND also in times around the track. It's amazing  
to be able to win in any of the lanes.

Please contact Christian with any comments or questions