Just for fun, here's my version of the Laguna Seka Corkscrew, showing how much you can bend 3/8" MDF.

I started with a scrap 36" x 48"...
Mark each edge for 3 lanes 3.5"
apart. Nail the Lexan strip with 2
nails at each end and a couple in
the middle.
Add some nails in between, and
then put a nail in each hole. This
way the strip won't distort
This will give you the middle lane
Re-nail the strip for the next lane
and check where the slot will go
using a compass set to the radius
of your router base
All 3 lanes are routed. Now draw in
the edge of the roadway, leaving
enough room for sliding
The roadway is cut out and I've
drawn lines at right angles to the
slots to guide the under-cutting
Here's what the under-cuts look like.
The MDF is 3/8", the 3 slots are
1/4" deep and the under-cuts are
1/4" deep
If you want to see some flexing, you'll need to go to the next page...