I only completed the Ice Track in the week before Christmas, And we've had such poor weather(even by northern UK
standards!) that there hasn't been an opportunity to photograph it outside in bright sunshine, which is what it really
For someone who lives in Northern England where life stops if half an inch of snow falls, who has never even seen a
frozen North American lake, to build an ice racing track takes a certain amount of hubris - hence the "Lake Wobegon"

I was inspired by your plexiglas rally track, but put off by the cost of plastic sheet, so I used hardboard(like Masonite,
but not as good), with bobbly polystyrene board glued underneath for portability.

These are probably the two least favourite materials of anybody who has ever used them! But they do have the
benefit of cheapness

The track is only 6ftx3ft 6ins.
The object,in addition to seasonal fun was portability. Despite the small size, it's a surprisingly challenging track to
race on, and the whole thing has stood up well to some excited and rough handling by kids over the Christmas period

To see the video... http://www.flickr.com/photos/89618270@N04/8323577054/
Please contact David with any comments or questions