To the crew at Archer Raceways attached please find the latest addition to the north east Ohio slot
car racing tracks. I am currently still completing the wiring however I just could not wait to send these
photos and track description.
The track is made from 1/2 inch MDF board which was routed using the outside corner edge as a
guide for the elliptical routing jig. All corners were routed this way. lane spacing is 4 inches  Track
length is 101.5 feet per lap per lane. I lucked out with the corners having radius 5 feet,4.5 feet,3.5
feet, 3 feet , and two with a 2,5 foot radius. the stack up of corner radiuses worked out 10 feet
inside 10 feet outside. I used two stage epoxy paint for the surface and sprayed it on for a real
smooth surface.track braid is from magnatech. There are 15 track sections joined using the tongue
and groove method. Track wiring will be run through a professor motor wiring center with controllers
being hooked up via the professor motor controller hookups. Lap counting will be done with
professor motor photo sensor counting system which is hooked to a professor motor 4 lane CPU
system. Track power is a variable power supply. This has been my winter project and I can't wait to
turn some laps. The layout is the first wood track I have built however I had a bunch of help From
Mark Kitto the owner of Marks Model World he translated the one inch equals one foot scale
drawings in to fifteen track pieces. we then set up the layout and routed the entire layout. Routing
took 10 hours total time
two five hour sessions. The foot print for this track is 24 x 14 as you can see I am not much for
scenery just racing but I did have to trick out the race room. This track replaces my six lane ninco
track setup like a european black layout. All thats left to complete once track is wired is lane striping
and putting down the spray glue in the corners. Thanks for a great place to display our hobby
handy work
                                                                                                              Darrell Fuller
Please contact Darrell with any comments or questions