I thought I'd show you what I've been doing in the way of track building.
About 15 years ago I started on a routed HO track but didn't get too far
with it. The big hangup then was finding a source for the steel rails. Mag
cars were the big thing then, T-jets hadn't really made their comeback yet,
so copper wasn't a very good option. So I never got past a small oval before
I abandoned the project.

Then about 5 years ago I discovered that 1/32 was alive and kicking. I
played with plastic track for a while but decided to try another routed
track.  The result was the black 2 lane track in the attached image. It was
a lot of fun for a small track. But since my sons are more interested in
video games I wound up running solo most of the time, and about this time I
found your site and the one lane hillclimb, as well as a one lane rally
track that some guy had built from foam core.  So I decided to build the
rally track shown in the other images. I got the track built and about half
of the scenery done in the spring of 2002, then for various reasons hardly
looked at it for the next two winters (I don't think too much about slot
cars in the summer).  Then this fall I decided to get back on it and now
it's pretty much done, other than a few details.

The track itself is routed in 3/8" particle board, since I had a sheet on
hand. I just marked out the slot with a felt marker then freehanded the
router around the track. Naturally the slot's a bit wavy but after a little
fine tuning it's been fine. The scenery is paper towels soaked in drywall
mud (the bag type) draped over rough carved styrofoam, wadded newspapers,
and "Great Stuff" expanding foam. Ground cover is from Woodland Scenics, as
were the rock molds. The trees are a mix, some are Woodland Scenics kits,
some are homemade, and some are cheap diorama trees from K Mart.

I used flat latex on the running surface, and it gave great grip at first.
Contrary to what I've read on the 'net, the track gets slippier the more I
run it, due to the paint getting worn down smooth.  Recently I repainted a
couple of corners, and lap times went up almost half a second.

Power is an old MRC Racepower transformer, timing is Greg Braun's Lap Timer
on an old PC. I haven't measured the track but I'm guessing it's about 30
feet. A good time for a 2WD car is about 5.8 seconds, the 4WD cars are about
2 tenths quicker.  My cars are all stock except for adding some lead. They
all have stock rubber tires, I haven't tried silicones yet since equiping
even my modest stable would set me back about a hundred bucks.

All in all the track is a blast, but since I'm almost done with it I'm
thinking about building another one. I really like the idea of a track that
can convert from single to 2 lane operation, like your rally track. Maybe
I'll build something like it, but then I'd have to sell the current one,
since I don't have enough space in my dungeon for 2 tracks.
Please contact Dave with any questions or comments