Track builders,
Here's the latest pictures of Dave's Legends International Raceway in Mount Clemens
Michigan. We designed this track to fit into a 17 X 20 area replicating some famous stretches
of road courses from around the world, while packing as much track in the given space as
possible. Dave roughly measures the running surface to be over 160 ft per lap and it can run
6 cars at a time. This is possible due to the narrow scale width of the track which is made
possible because the track is designed to use the AC2Car system.
I've divided Dave's 6 photo files into two notes to keep from overwhelming guys email systems.

Photo 1 ... Loew's hairpin circles above the new Monaco tunnel. The scenic details are yet to
follow, but it should come close to the stonework seen in the movie Gran Prix when it's done.

Photo 2 ... Into the curving Monaco tunnel. This stretch of track running through the tunnel is
gently banked and rises enough to keep cars firmly planted. This was designed in to reduce
deslotting since visibility through the stone arches will be reduced. However, drivers won't be
driving as blind as through my Detroit Tunnel on Northline Raceway. I wanted better visibility
around Dave's Legends track, and we got it.
Photo 3 ... The Monaco Tunnel exit rising up into the last turn before the big Monza banking.
Note how the outside slots at the end of the turn don't meet the ones on the straight. That's
yet to be filled and re routed to allow the outside lanes a shooting start into the long banked
curve. Testing showed cars on the inside had a shorter distance around the Monza banking,
so we force the inside set of lanes into a tighter turn to enter the huge banked curve at a
slower rate.  We put hours of thought into the design of that tunnel and the turn following it.
We took the time because I wanted the most user friendly turn we could make after cars exit
the reduced visibility of the tunnel and spread out on to the banking to go 4 wide. I guess
that's why Dave named that  up hill turn after me. Because he knows drivers will curse it.
Please contact David with any comments or questions