I wanted to take a moment and send you a few pictures of my new track, Glenlivet Hills
International Raceway.  I purchased your wonderful routing kit and video about a year
ago, and immediately made a "little" 5 ft x 3 ft, modified "figure 8" track, just to learn how
to do it.  With that under my belt, and some semblance of confidence, I started my "real
track"...5 months later, this is the outcome!  It's approximately 12 ft. x 7 ft. w/ an average
lane length of 45 ft.  Power is via a Pyramid LAB32, running through some of Professor
Motor's 2110 "Low Voltage" Scale Racer Pro controllers.  All the lanes have directional
switches so that we can run it both directions and lap timing/scoring is via Ultimate Racer
3.0 by way of a Carlson Sensor harness.  

I have had a great time, turning my friends and neighbors (adults and kids alike) onto
"our" hobby!

The tools you provided made it relatively easy, even for a guy that had never held a
router in his hands to build his own track!  I now understand why you've made so many
tracks....I just finished this one and can't wait to do another!

Thanks for all you do for the hobby/sport of slot car racing!

Please contact David with any comments or questions