Hello, I'm David from Madrid, Spain.
First of all i want to give you my congratulations for this site, i visit it regularly and hope
impatient each new track to get ideas for my own.
This is my third track (already sold, I don't sell tracks, every time i finish one i sell it for the
manufacture cost and start another, this is my hobby) and i'm in process of the fourth for
my brand new house. It's a 3 lane track with separate slots 9 centimiters to one another
(3,5 inches aprox.) and more or less 12 meters length (39 feet), same each lane. For the
surface i used chlorinated (in spanish "clorocaucho", i don't know the exact translation)
which achieves good grip without wear out wheels in excess and allows the skids.
Was thought to try to get the maximum possible route in the minimum space and after
several designs i arrive to this track, is very funny and equaled, have switches for u-turn
with light sense indicator and separated feeds for each lane.
Hope you like it.
Please contact David with any questions or comments