Having studied ALL the tracks on your wonderful website for a few years, I ordered your
routing kit about 2 years back and started with the contsruction of my own routed track. It
took me about 14 months to complete as I did everything myself. With my travel schedule for
work I could only progress over weekends and holidays, but in the end I got it done.

The design replicates a club circuit I used to run on in the later 1970's in South Africa, which
I designed at the time and was later destroyed in a fire unfortunately. Even though my track
has no squeezes, I found that using your routing kit made for a very simple and speedy
routing process.

The track is under a closed patio here in Irvine, Southern California, where I live now.
Fortunately, our weather allows for a semi-outdoor track with little trouble (and of course a
good tarp!). The footprint is 16 feet by 6 feet and the three lanes are all the same length at
60 feet 3 inches. They are also almost equally fast. I used braid instead of tape, due to the
outside location, it was a good choice.

I have attached some photos of the build and the finished track, there are lots more here:


It would be nice to see my track added to the long list of tracks on your website, as a fitting
testimonial to what you have contributed to slot car racing and the fun we all have on routed

Please contact Dennis with any comments or questions