I'm preparing a Digital Routed Wood track inspired by Spa-Francorchamps

The track is using the BLST (Best Lane Slot Track) concept developped by David Caille
It contains 14 lane changers each automaticaly managed by its own electronic taking care
to give a chance to second car to pass (outside the best lane) the first one when behind
and providing an anti-colision mechanism to offer a car the chance to come back on the
best lane.

The Digital system that will be used is the Wireless "Scorpius" developped by Australian
friend Rick (alias Injectorman on Slotforum).
Scorpius will be in charge of only one lane changer, the 15th, the one to enter the pitlane.
It will of course also take care to manage up to 16 cars (but I will most probably limit myself
to 8) and lap counting.

The track has been designed on CAD/CAM software
The CAD/CAM file was used as input on a numerical router to create the 10 pieces that
are making the track.
The track is 4,8m x 2,0m.
If you consider the nearly straight (parabolic) line (of the best lane in red) going from La
Source up to Rivage, it measures nearly 6m
Please contact Didier with any comments or questions