I didn't notice any tracks from San Diego, California in your gallery,
so I thought I would sent you a couple of pictures of mine. It's a
small, home made track - only 49 feet per lap and is about two years
old. It's made of 3/4" particle board with copper tape as the conductor.
Consequently the use of magnets has no effect and I do not use a braking
circuit. Those two facts combined with the many turns puts a premium on
being able to "drive" and makes it a fun track to race on. It has a
computer based race management system - hence the monitor and keyboard
visible in one of the pictures. I'm plan to replace this track sometime
in the next year with a slightly longer track using track braid for the
conductor. Everything is set up for 1/32 scale cars with the emphasis of
detail and accuracy
Please contact Douglas with any comments or questions