I had the idea to make a diorama, to be able to make some pictures of my cars with a little background.
While making a sketch I thought i would be nice to make it a little bit bigger and working so I ended up with a
small test track  .I started with one sheet of 60x120cm but lengthen it measures to 60x180cm ( 2x6 feet). It's
a single lane track of two loops, so there is a lane crossing in the middle.

I also wanted to experiment with wood. As I don't have a routing machine, the board consist of two layers of
mdf. The top layer is 9mm thick in which I saw the slots, the bottom layer is 6mm. I glued the two layers
I use the 9mm mdf also for two walls, they are sawed from a left over piece of the original sheets of 60x120cm
Than it was time to paint the track. I used blackboard paint mixed with white primer to get a grey tone with a
matt finish. I used a small paint roller to apply the paint and tried by added a little white prime now and than
to the paint to get a little bit of live colour. Also tried to make the suggestion that the tracks goes beyond the
part you see by painting the track straight through. The trees are homemade; electricity wire are twisted
together, soldered, painted and finished with  foliage. The grass is done with Woodland Scenics. The rocks
and stones are made of building foam, finished with some plaster and painted light and dark gray. A little
brick wall is made from railmodellers styrene sheet. Power supply is a adjusted Scalextric piece, every
copper tape line is connected twice. This seems to be enough for this small layout.
Please contact Ernst-Peter with any questions or