Attached are some photos of my track,  its most unusual,  its made from believe it or not,  
foamboard !  with foam insulation 1" thick as a base.  I was going to build a routed wood
track,  but our local hardware store did not have anything suitable,  so I started looking for
alternative,  and came up with the crazy idea of foamboard which to my amazement,  
actually worked.  I built it in 4 days,  and so far,  after 2 years,  its still working perfectly.  
Don't know how grip level is comparred to wood, but the cars slide very nicely on the
painted surface !   People on the track are all police or fireman re-painted from our $1
store or from the Homie figure range.

I do plan on constructing a 'proper' permanent wood track soon,  based on either the
Targa or the Mille Miglia,  or combination,  larger,  with more elevation change and more
fast corners,  and maybe a railway crossing just
for fun,  if possible.
Please contact Felix with any comments or questions