Hi, I need more!  I absolutely love your website.  I check back often to see if it has been

I'm rather new to the larger scale slot cars, having grown up with AFX and Tyco.  In the
sixties I remember seeing 1/32nd scale cars and thinking they weren't very impressive,
although I never got the opportunity to race any.  I have many fond memories of racing
the HO's and I still have all of them.  We used to tinker endlessly, sand, switch armatures,
rub eraserson contacts, oil or not, you probably kknow what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I have two small boys, who by the way of a pine block derby in Cubscouts got
introduced to slot cars by me, dad.  How did I do this?  A few years back while shopping in
San Antonio I discovered Jim Hioneycutt's Magnatech Raceway.  I raced, we all raced, and
I got hooked.

I bought a Scalextric set, cars, more sets, more cars, you know the drill.  One thing led to
another and I was determined to built a track.  I visited with Jim Honeycutt many times, he
is very helpful.  If you are in San Antonio Texas go check out Jim's 4 eight lane tracks.  
Head up to the Crossroads Mall at I10 & loop 410 on the NW side of town.  I looked
through your website countless times.  The tracks and information are inspiring, the racing
clips are very enjoyable too.  I could really go on about it for awhile.  So back to my
project.  I bought 1000' roll of magnetic braid from Jim (not cheap) and 3 sheets of 1/2"
MDF, router and bits.

The track I wanted to build I determined was going to be a rather large undertaking.  So I
started routing a three laner on two sheets of MDF end to end.  Dust and bits, plus
sneezing was faing to yield the desired effects.  So the months went by without a
completed track.  I set up a nice four lane Scalextric/SCX track at the local Trade Days
flea market (pic attached).

Then one day I was shooting for some food, and up through the ground, ? Oops, wrong
story.  One morning I was checking out the eBay auction listings, and there came up out
of nowhere, 2 six lane routed tracks.  They weren't cheap, but I came to find out that there
had been over ten grand invested in them from the original owner.  Everything
considered, I got a pretty good deal.  The guy I bought them from had had Jim Silknitter
"Silky" build two tracks on site in a retail space for him.  One is a six lane road course.  It is
a real beaut, each lane is 100' (pic attached).  The other track is a 50' oval (pic attached).

I'm looking for a place to set them up.  They need lots of space and retail space is
expensive.  Something will come up.
Please contact Paul with any comments or questions