I am Gilles from Cannes in south of France.

This mail is to show to you my very first wooden track made with 8 mm MDF +
16 mm MDF for the side of the panels. I only had time to focus on the
technical aspects of the work. That is why there are no scenery nor
landscape. Thus the track does not seem very impressive but it is 3,72x1,3
meters in four bolted parts (0,9x1,3 m each).  The total length of each
track is around 15 meters. The power supply is performed with a 12 V
transformer and a DC regulator. The voltage can be increased with the
rotating switches from 8 to 14 V. Two extra switches permit to reverse the
polarity. The speed controllers are the original ones from my first
Scalextric set when I was a kid. The shape of the tracks is very funny to
play (strong accelerations, high speed and very slow curves...).
I will not keep this track for myself but I will offer it to my brother for
his 40th birthday next week. I hope that his kids will be interested in
slot racing.