I'am Gilles from Cannes (France) and this is my second track offered to my
sister for Chrismas.
My first track was achieved a year ago and offered to my brother for his

This second and new track is very different from the first one as I made a
special effort to the scenery to have a more realistic result. I got
inspired by the work of Ernst-Peter from the Netherlands and by your own
advises found in "A quick scenery primer" for the use of styrofoam...

To sum up the whole thing:
 - The track is made of three parts (1x1,4m) of 10 mm thick MDF laying
directly on the ground (no cabinet needed and lighter panels) and connected
with small steel pieces (mechanical and electrical connexion).
 - The slots are 6mm deep, 3 mm wide and machined with my router.
 - The tracks are covered with sand (not too difficult to find in
Cannes) and with water based grey paint with locally additional black
strips to mimic strong braking.
 - Grass is made of wood dust (from my circular saw) colored with kids
green water paint and mixed with wood glue.
 -The very small hills are styrofoam with water base paint and grass.
 -The adjustable electric power is provided by a separate home made
block including a fan cooling (from a PC), a 12V transformer (for low
voltage bulbs: very cheap and robust)  and 2 adjustable voltage regulators
(LM317) with 2 potentiometers.

I wanted to had adds, trees, bushes, spectators, stands, Dunlop
bridge...but as I planned to offer this track for Chrismas, I did not have
enough time to complete all these nice details (I achieved this work on
december the 23rd).
Please contact Gilles with any questions or comments