First of all I'd like to congratulate you and your friends with your appearance on TV. It's very
nice to see all your faces and hear your voices. The movie is a good promotion for the
slotracing hobby.

Now that I've almost finished my track - just needs some more detailing in the scenery, I'd
like to show you some pictures.

After preparing the table, it took about 10 days from the start to make a "driveable" track.

Thanks to your tools even for a non-technical person it is possible to make a track like this.

As you can tell from the pictures the amount of space in my attic is limited, yet I've managed
to squeeze in a 15.65m track (15.65 is lane 2, 15.605m is lane 1).

The DS200 lap counter is hidden in the cafeteria (during normal operation the building is

Please find a movie on my blog:

Everybody who has visited my track called "TwentTrack" (the regions of the Netherlands
where I live is "Twente") put's his/her autograph on the boarding.

I would be honored if you would place my pictures on your famous website.

With kind regards,

Henk Gort
The Netherlands
Please contact Henk with any comments or questions