With the help of your video and some great advice my
track has been up for some time and I figure it's
finally time to post some pics for your site.  The
track is squeezed in to a basement room that is about
16'-11' but has an HVAC, an old time laundry sink, and
a washer/dryer all crammed in. My only choice was to
work around these obstacles and create the biggest
T-shaped footprint I could, leaving room to get by to
do the laundry.  The shape consists of a long section
that's about 15'-3' and an extra piece about 3'-6.  I
went with a rather simple design, as I had no previous
experience with this type of project, but I was able
to make a challenging three lane track of 48'.  

The track's surface is unsanded latex paint which
makes it quite grippy for rubber tires, but silicones
are useless.  Underneath the latex is a layer of
"Magnetic Creations" magnetic paint (thanks to Nils
H-F for this great idea).  Myself, and a lot of our
club members are becoming big fans of this type of
track, it's a great compromise between traditional mag
and non-mag racing.  Mag cars never have that "stuck
down" feeling, they slide like non-mag cars, but less.
On average, taking the standard mag out of a car
increases it's laptime by .5-1 sec. Track lap times
range from about 7.5 sec in a NC-1 Ninco classic, to
5.7 with a single mag upgraded motor LMP.

The lane spacing, only 3" makes for another challenge,
you have to be patient with your passes. With mag cars
it isn't too tough, but when they start slippin'' and
sliding there's a whole lot of nerfing in the corners.

I race with IHSR and our club site can be found at
IHSRacing.com.  We have a great league with basement
tracks from Harrisburg, PA down to Washington D.C.

Oh, one more thing...a big thanks to my lovely
Rebecca, who helped me get all the MDF dust out of the
basement.  Without her support I never could have
gotten it done.
Please contact Hayes with any questions or comments