Dutch Trio Track.

It is a 3 lane, 17m long wooden public road race track on a table of 4.88mx1.22m.
The height is only 19cm, and is made as a tip-up construction against the garage wall.

The scenery is all handmade, with trees of copper wire or sisal rope and bushes of steel
On the inside of Ruin Bend, I made with a Dremel a ruin.
Lighted with spot lights at night, this is the place to be for the spectators.
The gutters and drain covers are also made with the Dremel.
In one corner, I made a picnic table and on the other one, an open fence is made between
the hedges.
Another detail is a boy, sitting on a bank, watching the cars at a hairpin.
The bales of straw are wooden blocks, with on the outside small pieces of sisal rope.
The track is drivable in 2 directions.

I hope you enjoy the pictures
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