The Ring has been semi-operational for three weeks now, starting with
one lane and progressing nicely. Now I'm proud to say all four lanes are
currently running, including the pitlanes and pit stops. Those were quite a
trick to wire with all the power jumps in the pits due to lanes crossing,
etc. The underside of the pits looks like spaghetti, but its all soldered
and I'll bundle it up with some zip ties to clean things up a bit. I've
constructed four lane changers based off the solenoids on and
Jimmy's pictures. They're a little bit different then Jimmy's but all are
functioning perfectly. Hats off to him for the cool design and good
pictures. I needed them to get the basic geometry down. I've added a little
bit of "trussing" to the bridge which is actually floor tile edging pieces
that worked out great. Some over the road handrails on the bridge will be
installed soon too. So, you're probably asking how's the racing?...

The racing is unbelievably awesome! Running laps are incredibly fast and
smooth. CNC routing paid off big here and the "true" racing lines are
sweet. As suspected you can take the entire back Eau Rouge section flat
out, just like in real life. I'd been running solo up until Dave came out
two weekends ago to run the initial competitive series. I was really happy
he was the first to run with me, of course he being my mentor through most
of this. We ripped up the track and had a ton of close fought battles.
Martin was out last weekend and we ran the cars from 10 or 11 pm until
about 3 in the morning! The Lane Changers were running for that one so we
got to spice it up a bit with more passing opportunities. Its great having
people come out and enjoy it, because for the most part when its just me
I'll only run a few laps here and there, but mostly keep working on it!

And speaking of... armco barriers and curbing are next to come. We've had a few
cars take the plunge into death valley, fortunately the carpet has saved
countless drivers lives, or at least money on replacement parts.

The track isn't running in AC2 mode yet, but four new PM controllers are on
the way and a slew of diodes so 4 car races are right around the corner.
First four man race date is still to be decided. I'd like to have at least
some of the armco barriers up before that would be carnage