As I had never routed before, space is limited in the moment and I wanted to have
something that could be finished in a lifetime, I decided to do some little testtrack first. I
wanted to have a single-lane track that should be used for "recreational racing" for me
alone. It should become a streettrack that could appear like this anywhere, may it be a
part of a rallyetrack on course in the 80's a targa track in the early 70's or any road
anywhere driven with any car anytime. Scenery should keep the feeling of the first cup of
coffee outside in spring after a much too long winter... so decide on your own if I hit that
goal. The scenery is kept as simple as possible, all the trees are selfmade and the only
professional adds where 2 packs of grass-fibres, one pack of green for the trees and a
print of the wall I build on the course. As Alu-mesh was to expensive I used that stuff that
is used to keep rabbits in space, covered with kitchen-paper bathed in a lotion of liquid
The track is about 2,5m x 0,9m, total tracklength is about 10m. It is fired by a ninco digital
kit, so theoretically up to 8 cars could race simuntanously (I guess that would cause some
trafficjam...) So thank you again, bye Holger from Neustadt, Germany
Please contact Holger with any comments or questions