Hello again, I thought I would send you some pics of my progress.  And include some details about it.  I want to
thank you again for all your help and patience.  Also I want to say your tracks have been my true inspiration.  
Because of your site I have opened my eyes to a way of slot car racing I just can’t get enough of.  Rally racing on
tight tracks is fun. Anyway here are the specs.

Length              22.883 ft

Table                4ft x 4ft

Single Lane

Current hot lap is 5.860

Current hot heat (5laps) 35.391

Due to inexperience with a router and limited space I decided to do a small track.  I only had a few requirements
when I built this.  It needed to be portable, Fun, Challenging, have a timing system and I wanted to see if I could do
it all with the lexan strip.  I have accomplished all goals and also found out how tight of a turn the lexan strip can
take before it snaps.  I am working on a webpage to post the rest of the pics.  And hopefully shoot some video.  

Thanks again
Please contact Jeremy with any comments of questions