After tossing my 1 cent worth into the conversation going on with this group
for over a year, I finally have some photos to share. The pictures show some
of the sections I built for my test track oval. This is kids stuff compared
to what I've seen from some of you guys, but maybe someone will want to see
how a beginner got started.

I've included pictures of my standard 4' long straight track sections, and a
new 180 degree curve I made. My test track oval is made up of 4 straight
track sections and 2 corner sections, and fits on a 13' long by 5' wide saw
horse table. I can assemble or disassemble it in about an hour. Note that I
used mini phono plugs from Radio Shack to connect the power from section to
section. This way the power is fed into a section from both ends and every
section has a direct connection (through the wired underneath) to the power

there's a shot of some of my home built dirt modifieds. Most of the chassis
are made of sheet styrene with toothbrush motors and Scalectrix or Prof.
Motor wheels and axles. I think each car costs about $20 to build, and they
are faster on the oval than any of the Scalectrix or Monogram ready to race
cars I've purchased.
Please contact Joe with any comments or questions