After a very long hiatus, work has resumed on the routed slot car track.
With such excellent help I have no excuse for not getting it done.

The sections you see consist of the left side three sections.  This is
probably 60% of the layout.  I measured the lane length for the completed
sections. Center lane is 46' 8".  Each of the outer lanes came out to 46'

These three sections are ready for painting and then taping.

Looking at the two sections left to build, I doubt I will keep such parity
of lane length for the whole track.  A guess and this is only a guess is
that the track will finish out at 85-90 feet running length.  The footprint
of the completed layout is 8.5' by 25.5'

I have deviated from the paper layout only slightly.  That is just a case of
when you actually see it on wood, the paper just was not quite right.

I make no claims to know what I am doing though.
Please contact John with any comments or questions