Inspired from your site, I decide in early 2006 to send my Plastic Track retired. After a few more
weeks, I choose a wooden track manufacturer ( and order my new 4 laner.

In late September 2006 I receive all the parts and I start to setup the track. Today, a couple
months later I got it finished, attached you will find a few Pictures from the Yamanote Raceway.

I would be appreciating, when you could added on your Site!

Here are some spec’s

Material:                       19 mm MDF
Lenght:                        21,13 Meter (around 70 feet)
Space between Slot’s:  12 cm (4,72 inch)
Tracksize:                     9,30 Meter x 2,80 Meter (29,53 ft x 6,56 ft)
Power :                        Each Lane a 3 Ampere Power Supply

I love to run the 1/24 scale, early this year we have the first race on the track. It was a great
Event also with a few problems. The time counting Software was not working well, however we
fixed the Problem and now sounds – Lets Race! The current Track Record is 5.161 sec. with a
self build Nissan Faizlady Z on a Mach 3 Chassis from Motorvision.  

Currently I improve some things on the track, I let you know when some news appears.
Please go ahead with your great website!
Thanks and best Regards
from Stuttgart/Germany
Please contact Juergen with any comments or questions