I found your site and was immediately interested in trying a routed wood track.  I purchased
your routing kit and started Forge Road Park.  This is my first attempt at a wood track and I
went for it all,  Elevation, Two tight squeeze turns, and scenery to make it look like a road
course.  It took me 1 1/2 years of on and off work to get it to this point and I will probably
tweak the scenery a little more over time, as you said " The scenery can go on forever".

I began by using AutoCad to create my own design.  See attached .pdf file of the track
drawing.  The routing was not as difficult as I first imagined and things went rather smooth
(although I did need some Bondo here and there).  The lanes are 101 feet and all three are
within 6 inches of each other in length.  I plan to only run 1/32 cars so the lane spacing is 3
inches.  I have to keep the voltage down to avoid major crashes in the hairpin turns.  9 VDC
max seems to work best using cars with weight and rubber tires.  A good lap at 9VDC is right
around 16 seconds.  

Kevin in Pennsylvania
Please contact Kevin with any comments or questions