I've been a slot car racer since 1965. I was 15 years old
back then (I am now 55). I raced my 1st slot car a Russkit 906 Porsche Carrera. Since then I raced on HO tracks
occasionally with friends until 1981.

I built a 4-lane plastic AFX layout in 1983 on a 4' X 12' table and ran it for 20 years. I then routed a
6-lane HO layout which looked nice but had many contact problems. You can view it on my website from
2 years ago. (website listed below)

Since I retired the HO track, my club and I took to 1/32nd scale cars when we tried a Scalextric
Speeway Nascar set, and got hooked.

I also decided to rout my own layout after doing some research on the internet, and I came across
your website which inspired me to build an oval with a twist in the back-stretch, and then later a road
course which is near completion.

I would be honored to send my pics of my two tracks so you can post them with the other slot-track
builders. I'm impressed with your website and all that you do for this great hobby of ours.

Thank you,                   Lenny Grignon

     Northside Slot Racers - soon to be updated website  -  www.http//home.nycap.rr.com/nsho/
Please contact Lenny with any comments or questions