Greetings from the recently finished ACME Raceway in Vallakra of southern Sweden.
Thanks to a substantial number of friends who helped me with everything from the
CNC-routed tracks to laptimers, this track is finally running and it's great fun!
I made the scenery myself with blue foam and products from Woodland Scenics and Faller.
The "asphalt" has airbrushed skidmarks which was a project of it's own...
Most of the cars on the pictures are airbrushed by myself, among them is the "Marshall
Motors" Galaxie, my former full-scale vintage NASCAR street-legal car. Got to have some
full-scale fun too...
Next project will be painting 120 spectators, mechanics, officials etc. and lighting around
the track.
Hope you enjoy the pictures and I'm looking forward to see them on your site.
Best wish
Please contact Loors with any comments or questions